Let’s face it, maintaining compliance in your business isn’t the most exciting part of your job. It’s complex and the rules change frequently… By following my articles and advice I hope you are able to keep on top of your work.

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Upfront Material Information – Improving the speed and process of property transactions

This article provides a comprehensive overview of upfront material information and its impact on the real estate industry.
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The Renters (Reform) Bill – help or hindrance to the Private Rented Sector?

The Renters (Reform) Bill is expected to deliver the biggest changes to the private rented sector regulation since the Tenant Fees Act but the lack of detail set out in the bill is fueling widespread concern from private landlords.
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Landlords, Tenants and Pets in Rented Property

The Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) bill will seek to eradicate “no pet” clauses in tenancy agreements
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The hidden cost to tenants of the Tenant Fee Ban

Estate Agents should expect to advise landlords and tenants alike on the likely increases in rent due to the Government's latest regulation.
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New UK Government money laundering regulations

How to help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing if you’re an estate agency or property related business.
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