EA Compliance

Compliance and best-practice procedures for Estate Agents

I am an independent consultant working to help all estate agents, no matter what size, deliver great service to their customers while staying compliant.

Find out how I can help you improve compliance procedures in your business. 

EA Compliance

Individual services when you need them

As an independent advisor, I am able to review your work practices and help you formulate a program that includes any of the services listed below.


How can I help your business?


Auditing & Records

I can help you to set up comprehensive, centralised auditing procedures and easy-to-manage systems to ensure you are able to maintain your compliance records.


Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are the cornerstones of compliance. I can work with you to draft policy and procedure documents for every area of your business.


Complaint Handling

Complaints need not have a negative impact on your business.  I can teach you how to approach them in a way that will reassure your customers.



I'll spend time with your staff, providing training and developing good compliancy habits.


Industry Regulation

Find out about current and proposed legislation affecting estate and lettings agency procedures


Anti-Money Laundering

I'll explain your responsibilities and set up risk-based procedures to manage your obligations to HMRC.

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Crime Prevention

The property industry is constantly targeted by property fraudsters. Follow my advice to protect your business and your customer's assets from being used for criminal activities.


Data Protection

Data generation, retention and security is an important element of any estate agent's business. I'll help you create the right structure to ensure you satisfy current legislation.

EA Compliance

Browse articles on my site to read about current industry info

Often compliance issues are easily solved through knowledge. I write informative articles to help point you and your team in the right direction.



I can honestly say you have been so incredibly helpful over the years on a personal level. When I’ve had a problem, however small or large you have always taken the time to explain things to me. Never judging or looking for blame just helping to navigate the tricky problems.


It has been great working with you over the years  and I have found your expertise and experience incredibly beneficial – thank you.

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